• All is One: matter, mind, spirit, energy are all manifestations of One.
  • All is Always dynamic, fluid, eventual, happening.
  • All is happening, yet there is no goal, end, or final purpose.
  • No-One is “in charge.”
  • This is not the end of the line. What is known is not all that is knowable. What is knowable is not All.
  • Language and other symbolic systems are powerful tools, the best we have, yet will never be entirely adequate to comprehend All. What remains unimaged, ungrasped, unstated, unrepresented is also, always.
  • All forms of knowing are revealing. None are sufficient or complete.
  • Mystical and paranormal experiences offer insights inaccessible to science, rationalism, logic, metaphysics and other forms of formal knowledge. The converse also applies.
  • We participate in One Mind, every one of us.
  • We participate in One Body, every one of us.
  • What appears to be Me is in fact many – many energy bubbles, atoms, molecules, cells, organs, organisms, bubbles of consciousness.


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