DSC05632I am a terminal idealist, old enough to be practical and realistic about it. I am curious, passionate, caring, adventurous, and deeply grateful for many gifts – education, formal and informal; chances to be creative, to make a difference, to travel, to experience people of all sorts of backgrounds, cultures, conditions, and types. Now moving onto career no. 5, which will at last allow space for writing and my passion for picture taking, I am still being the change I want to see. Over the years I spent time in academia, ran a picture frame shop / art gallery, did non-profit development and planning, and worked in public policy supporting the advancement of sustainable energy.

I’ve had some tough hands to play along the way, but overall life’s been good to me. I survived a near-fatal heart attack, which now looks like the greatest gift I ever received. It gave me a glimpse into what lies Beyond and showed me how love truly makes the worlds go around. I’m now one of the happiest people I know. I have opinions about everything, though thankfully am usually willing to change them when I find out better. I have no truck with phony and mean; otherwise I am good with all sorts of people.

Expect discussions on this blog to range widely, covering everything from Near Death Experiences to Quantum Mechanics, from the beauty of the earth to the ugliness of civic affairs, from the heights of wisdom to the depths of stupidity. Throughout, expect heavy doses of questioning, puzzling, celebration, and hope.

Tim Cole

Washington, Connecticut



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